Survey: Families with Children Find Barriers to Eating Out

The cost of feeding an entire family in difficult economic times has become a major hurdle for many families, but leading information company The NPD Group says there are other challenges that restaurants may be able to overcome in their PR and marketing efforts.

In a report titled, “Parties with Kids: Motivating More Visits,” the common barriers among today’s families included menu offerings, convenience, environment and value. Eighty-four percent of respondents say that they are more likely to visit a restaurant that features a kid-friendly atmosphere. Families with children account for total restaurant sales of $83.7 billion in the United States; however, these patrons made over 1 billion fewer visits to restaurants since 2008. In response, restaurants across the country are seeking to find out as much information as possible about their dining habits

The NPD Group has found that the child’s age may play a significant role in the family decision to visit a restaurant. In this report, the authors propose a number of tactics that can attract families back to these dining establishments: addressing a wide variety of ages; offering attentive and fast service; developing a kid-friendly environment; and focusing on menu value. As part of their closing comments, the NPD Group stated that many restaurants are losing money by not capturing the interest of families with children.

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