Travis Jones of Rush Properties Answers the Question: “Why JoCo?”

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Travis Jones Rush Properties

Travis Jones of Rush Properties Explains Why he Keeps his Business in Johnson County.

Johnson County, Kansas, has long been known as one of the best places in the US to call home. Its small-town charm just outside the big city, says Travis Jones of Rush Properties, is the best reason for others to make his hometown their own. Here, Cherry Park Properties co-founder and Rush Properties founder Travis Jones opens up to the staff of Interviews and News about why this Kansas City suburb is so livable.

Interviews and News: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to us today.

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: I am happy to do it.

Interviews and News: Let’s start with some stats. What is the population of the county?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: We are growing, but in 2013, Johnson County (or JoCo as we like to call it) has just over half a million people.

Interviews and News: What types of housing are available?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Well, there are approximately a quarter million housing units. The majority of these are single family homes but we also have many townhomes and apartments.

Interviews and News: We understand that Johnson County has an extensive public transit system. Can you explain?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: The JO is a wonderful network of buses that operate on a routine schedule. It’s also interesting to note that all registered carpoolers in the transit system are automatically enrolled in the Guaranteed Ride Home program which allows to free rides home each year in case of an emergency.

Interviews and News: What about the land?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: We’re Midwestern area so were mostly rolling to flat terrain. I’d like to note that we have extremely fertile soil. In fact, the Johnson County Kansas State Research and Extension Center offers a Master Gardener Program.

Interviews and News: Tell us a little about the parks and recreation opportunities in the area.

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: The first that come to mind are that Ernie Miller Nature Center and the Roeland Park community Center.

Interviews and News: And these offer events throughout the year?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Oh yes – we have plenty of activities for the kids, dog walks, charity runs, and just some really beautiful scenery

Interviews and News: And the museum?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: The JoCo Museum is full of interesting exhibits. One of my favorite ongoing features at the Museum is their exhibit called Seeking a Good Life.

Interviews and News: We understand that the area has made substantial green initiatives lately…

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: As it should be – is a wonderful site to visit for information about the county curbside recycling program and the benefits of not throwing everything in a landfill.

Interviews and News: Tell us about the area attractions.

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: We are a suburban area, so we don’t have amusement parks and what not. We do, however have the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Interviews and News: What is that?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: It’s a 300 acre botanical garden featuring a number of indigenous plants and even a frog pond and story tree for the kids.

Interviews and News: What about resident services?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: We have a wonderful local government that offers everything from public health and safety information to developmental disability services.

Interviews and News: We understand that Johnson County has been listed as one of the top places for seniors. Can you elaborate?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: With an average life expectancy of over 80 years old, we’re definitely a senior-friendly area. The city makes planning provisions for older adults and we even have a website ( catering to JoCo’s older population.

Interviews and News: Are the cities within JoCo builder friendly?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties: Absolutely and they all welcome new homes and businesses. Every member of the Community Development team I have ever met with has been more than hospitable.

Interviews and News: It looks like we are running out of time. Is there anything you would like to add for visitors of potential new neighbors?

Travis Jones, Rush Properties I would just like to say that all of the cities – Overland Park, Lenexa, Mission Hills… are all lovely places to call home. In fact, I have lived here with my family for the last 15 years and choose to work primarily within the county.

About Travis Jones/Rush Properties

Travis Jones, Rush Properties and Cherry Park properties founder, lives in Stillwell, Kansas. His expertise is in the real estate foreclosure market. For the last 15 years, he has specialized in renovating foreclosed homes in helping those with damaged credit due to the economic downturn rebuild their lives with creative financing options. Through Rush Properties, Travis Jones has volunteered extensively throughout this community and has participated in a number of charity walks and golf tournaments.

Travis Jones Rush Properties was also heavily involved with a large community outreach program. Project James 2:17 worked with other businesses to help down-on-their-luck residents secure temporary housing during personal financial crisis.

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