What Makes Tire Works Total Car Care Stand Head and Shoulders Above the Competition?

Tire Works

Tire Works Total Car Care prides itself on its thorough and detail oriented automobile care services. The trained professionals at Tire Works Total Car Care offer a wide array of safety measures for your vehicle. They believe that regular oil changes and routine maintenance at Tire Works Total Car Care can prevent more serious car issues from occurring. Tire Works Total Car Care is committed to go the extra mile to help customers resolve almost any automotive situation.



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Coral Gables, Florida, Urologist Paul Perito MD Reports on Kidney Removal to Fight Cancer

Paul Perito MD

Nephrectomy is the medical term for kidney removal, explains Coral Gables, Florida urologist Paul Perito MD. When the entire kidney is extracted, says Dr. Perito, the procedure is referred to as a radical nephrectomy; partial nephrectomy indicates the removal of dead tissue alone. According to Paul Perito MD, this procedure is used most often to […]


Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD Discusses Female Satisfaction Regarding Her Partner’s Penile Implant

Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD

Many men who come in to see Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD about his revolutionary penile implant procedure are concerned about their partners. Will she be disappointed? these men ask Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD. Regarding the inflatable penile implant device Dr. Paul Edward Perito MD has implemented in his minimally invasive implant surgery, studies have shown women are more satisfied than with non-inflatable implants.


ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers Employee Wellness Tests


Diabetes in the workplace costs employers thousands of lost work hours a year. The absenteeism rate of diabetic to non-diabetic employees is nearly 8 to 1. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers businesses an important tool to monitor employee diabetes rates, with simple blood panel testing. When a corporation invests a very small amount into testing, […]