Just Fab, the Online Fashion and Styling Service Expands to Europe and Canada

Just Fab

Just Fab

Online retailer Just Fab has been a huge success since its launch in 2010.  Now the U.S. based company offers shoppers an online shopping experience in Germany, the UK and Canada. Filled with stylish shoes, denim, handbags, and accessories at great prices, Just Fab knows that women all over the world want to look stylish and feel confident about what they wear, so growth beyond the U.S. has only been a matter of time. The objective of Just Fab is to occupy a leading position in the European fashion market and possibly across the globe.

With Just Fab, registered members receive an individual selection of products, which are compiled on the basis of fashion personality tests. 15 questions are provided to customers on various topics such as favorite brands and favorite celebrity style. VIP members have the opportunity to buy selected shoes, handbags or accessories at an affordable price each month. Shipping is always free.

Why is Just Fab so popular?

Just Fab provides members a fun and personalized shopping extravaganza. Unlike conventional online retailers, Just Fab focuses on providing celebrity treatment to members as they receive a customized selection of shoes, jeans, handbags and accessories.  The stylists at Just Fab are some of the leading fashion experts in the U.S. In 2011 Kimora Lee Simmons joined the Just Fab team as President and Creative Director.   Also, celebrity stylist Jessica Paster who has worked with stars such as Emily Blunt has been part of the Just Fab Team since the beginning, making sure regular shoppers look just as fabulous as her famous clients.

A Just Fab personalized shopping experience happens online.

Based on the shopper’s personal style survey, the Just Fab team is able to select jeans, shoes, handbags, and accessories, just like a personal celebrity stylist would. Women all around the world want to look sexy, beautiful, and confident, so now shoppers across the globe have the same fantastic styles and services available to them as Just Fab expands in Europe..

Members love Just Fab

Since its launch in Los Angeles, over 10 million women have chosen Just Fab, and now women in other countries will grow to love everything Just Fab has to offer too. The personalized and unique shopping experience, trendsetting styles and celebrity collections make the brand universally appealing.

Celebrity fashion at Just Fab

Canadian pop star, Avril Lavigne designed a special Abbey Dawn Collection for Just Fab. Her collection features edgy, attention grabbing spiked heels and silver studded platforms. Just Fab also has celebrity customers including Hilary Duff, Emily Blunt, Christina Applegate, Nicky Hilton, and Miranda Kerr.


About Just Fab

Just Fab is an online fashion retailer that offers a fashion membership service with celebrity treatment to more than 10 million shoppers. Just Fab member’s styles are handpicked by personal celebrity stylists. At the beginning of each month, new Just Fab members get a refreshed boutique filled with new selections. Members can request more selections or skip a month. At Just Fab, no commitment is necessary.

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