Nationwide Relocation Services on How to Move With Your Vehicle

Nationwide Relocation ServicesMoving a car to a new home can be a complicated and tiring process, says Nationwide Relocation Services. At Nationwide Relocation Services, the expert team of professional movers assists clients with a variety of tasks. Here, Nationwide Relocation Services offers a list of suggestions to make the move easier.

Interviews and News: What’s the best way to handle moving with your vehicle?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Obviously, one option is to lighten the load before you move by selling one or more of your autos.

Interviews and News: What happens if bringing your vehicle is an absolute necessity?

Nationwide Relocation Services: If you choose to bring your vehicle with you, there are several options. Some issues arise in making this important decision.

Interviews and News: Such as?

Nationwide Relocation Services: A vehicle will need to go through significant testing.

Interviews and News: What tests must the vehicle pass?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Examples include safety inspection and emissions.

Interviews and News: Can you determine your vehicle’s status before the move?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Safety standards and emissions vary from state to state, so do your homework.

Interviews and News: What if you’re afraid the vehicle won’t pass?

Nationwide Relocation Services: If there’s uncertainty about your vehicle’s ability to pass these tests, it’s suggested to sell the car and purchase one in your new location.

Interviews and News: What are the options for moving a vehicle?

Nationwide Relocation Services: You may have the ability to load the vehicle onto the van along with household items such as furniture. However, it’s also the most expensive option.

Interviews and News: Why is this?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Moving companies generally charge by distance, time and weight. Of course, a vehicle is a heavy item.

Interviews and News: Any alternatives?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The alternative is to move the vehicle with assistance from a professional auto mover.

Interviews and News: Would it be better to work with a firm that specializes in shipping vehicles?

Nationwide Relocation Services: In most cases, yes. These firms are called auto movers. They transport vehicles—autos, boats and other recreational craft—by using either an open or enclosed truck.

Interviews and News: How much does this service cost?

Nationwide Relocation Services: These auto movers quote the client a price based on specific needs and circumstances.

Interviews and News: Is it a feasible option to have a friend or family member to drive a car?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Yes, but it depends on the availability of a driver and can often require a longer time frame. On the other hand, it can save money depending on the car’s year and model, as well as the distance traveled.

Interviews and News: How can someone find the mover’s credentials?

Nationwide Relocation Services: The track record of your mover is available through the Better Business Bureau.

Interviews and News: Other than the BBB, what other authorities are available with information?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Other trade organizations might be able to help, including Household Goods Forwarders Association, American Moving and Storage Association, and Employee Relocation Council.

Interviews and News: When making this decision, how do you choose the best company?

Nationwide Relocation Services: Overall, you want to select a company that provides excellent customer service while moving the vehicle in a timely and secure fashion.

Nationwide Relocation Services is connected to experienced and highly trained movers in more than 30 major markets throughout the U.S. Nationwide Relocation Services can help plan both residential and corporate long-distance moves.

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