What is IRS Offer in Compromise? Instant Tax Solutions Explains

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

For taxpayers who find themselves deep in debt with no apparent way to pay, Instant Tax Solutions can help negotiate an arrangement with the IRS. Using the Offer in Compromise (OIC) form that authorizes the agency to lower a tax debt, Instant Tax Solutions can help strike an amicable agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS. According to Byron Pedersen, who co-founded Instant Tax Solutions, the Offer in Compromise form may even lower any fees you owe on past due tax debt.

The staff of Instant Tax Solutions says complaints about other tax firms are relayed to them daily. One of the biggest complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, is that once a firm is paid, then they are often MIA within days. As reported by Instant Tax Solutions, this complaint is a sad by-product of the current state of the economy. As people are making less money, criminals are trying to take more. There are ways to avoid the bad firms altogether and as a result, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints can be eliminated. Always check the BBB’s records about the reputation of the firm. They usually have the most honest and unbiased information.


“One of the most recent additions to the Offer in Compromise is Effective Tax Administration,” Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen states. Using Effective Tax Administration, which is part of the Offer in Compromise package, a taxpayer may file a claim of extreme hardship, according to Pedersen.  By claiming severe hardship, the taxpayer is telling the IRS that if he or she pays the tax debt, his or her family will suffer extreme hardship because of it.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints that began popping up online in 2010 are false. Despite a few negative issues found online, the staff is as busy as ever. The complaints about Instant Tax Solutions were posted with the ill intention of bringing harm to the reputation of Instant Tax Solutions. However, as the Instant Tax Solutions complaints all sounded very similar many taxpayers wisely chose to ignore the libelous complaints and select Instant Tax Solutions as their tax firm of choice.


The IRS uses three criteria to determine whether or not a taxpayer qualifies for Effective Tax Administration: if the taxpayer will be able to make payments in the future, whether a taxpayer has assets that can be sold or borrowed against, and the existence of severe hardship for the taxpayer. Of the three, hardship is the most difficult to prove. Upon visiting an Instant Tax Solutions location, taxpayers will meet with a qualified team member, who can assist the taxpayer in completing form 433-A. This form will need to be filled out in great detail, showing the taxpayer will undergo severe financial hardship if the debt is paid. The taxpayer’s tax history will be examined, Instant Tax Solutions explains, as well as the taxpayer’s liability.

Instant Tax Solutions, noting complaints posted online, wonders if competitors will stop at nothing to gain new clients. Instead of posting ads or filming commercials to market their services, says Instant Tax Solutions, complaints were posted by rival tax agencies against Instant Tax Solutions in hopes of having taxpayers view them negatively. This shady practice of slamming a reputable company with false complaints, says Instant Tax Solutions, just adds to consumer confusion regarding which tax firm is right for them. Instant Tax Solutions complaints have been largely ignored by the firm, as the details the supposed client offers do not match any actual records from the office.


Instant Tax Solutions stresses that qualification is difficult, but not impossible. The IRS seems to be more likely to accept disabled taxpayers, as well as individuals who cannot afford basic expenses, Instant Tax Solutions says. Collectability also factors in. If a taxpayer does not have assets that the IRS can seize, that taxpayer may also more easily qualify.

Instant Tax Solutions says complaints regarding tax attorneys have risen as the economy crumbles. In this day in age, growing numbers of people are having trouble paying their taxes, says Instant Tax Solutions. A complaint the firm hears over and over again is that even in areas with 10% unemployment, tax rates are stagnate, or rising. The firm does offer some hope, however. According to Instant Tax Solutions, even complaints by taxpayers that suggest Uncle Sam wants more than they can give, can usually be settled amicably through business procedures. Many times, says Instant Tax Solutions, the complaints are valid and they can help settle debt.

Records from Instant Tax Solutions and complaints details found online do not match. The agreed upon conclusion from Instant Tax Solutions, as well as independent researchers, is that the Instant Tax Solutions complaints located strategically online are just that: strategic. It appears that a firm, possibly not even in Post Falls, Idaho – Instant Tax Solutions hometown – has taken it upon themselves to attempt to make a negative reputation for Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints are nothing more than terrible marketing. The rival firm is likely paying a search engine company to push Instant Tax Solutions complaints to the top of Google’s search results. Sadly, for a time it was working…until people started calling the rival firm and getting poor results. Instant Tax Solutions says they are now as busy as ever.


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