Q&A with Rick Dover – Special Housing Needs of Senior Adults

Rick Dover

Rick Dover

Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation have been interested in providing senior adult housing by designing and building structures that meet the needs of seniors since 1993.

Q:  What do senior adults look for in housing?

Rick Dover:  Seniors need to feel safe and comfortable in their home. They want the design to reflect their changing needs so they can remain independent for as long as possible. Senior adults and their families also want convenience and affordability in their housing choice. That’s what Family Pride Corporation does—we strive to meet the needs and wants of senior adults.

Q:  What is it about Family Pride Corporation’s properties that set them apart?

Rick Dover:  Our independent living structures work on the concept of a small village. The resulting close-knit community atmosphere seems to attract like-minded residents.

Q: I don’t understand. Your facilities aren’t towns, so how does the small village comparison enter into the equation?

Rick Dover:  There is more to senior housing needs than a building. We believe it’s important that seniors build new friendships through social interactions. In our senior living facilities, there is a network of neighbors with common interests so it’s a wonderful place to make new friends and new memories.

Q:  What distinguishes a senior-friendly home from regular housing?

Rick Dover:  It’s easy to navigate, more compact, and requires little or no maintenance. Simple additions such as extra lighting, a mini-ramp instead of a step, and bathroom grab-bars are a few examples of small changes that can make a home more senior-friendly.

Q:  What other factors set your communities apart?

Rick Dover:  We build them from personal experience—not from someone’s idea of what a senior adult needs. Our first venture was to provide a senior living facility for my grandfather, Richard Emerson.  He was special and deserved special accommodations, but we couldn’t find a facility that fulfilled our wish list so we built it ourselves.

Q:  What was on that wish list for your grandfather?

Rick Dover:  A beautiful, safe environment with a positive atmosphere of dignity, courtesy and compassionate care at an affordable price. We believe that retirement is simply a new adventure on life’s highway. We wanted my grandfather to enjoy the trip while having both his needs met and his wants respected. That’s what we expected for him and that’s what we provide to the residents of our facilities.

Rick Dover and Family Pride Corporation design, build, rehabilitate, manage, and maintain award-winning residential environments for senior adults. They provide the very best service to senior adult residents at affordable rates with no deposits or buy-in fees.



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