Aldo Todini Explains the Food and Wine of the Piedmont Region

Aldo Todini

Surrounded by the Alps, Aldo Todini’s Italian paradise, the Piedmont Region, is known world-wide for its diverse cheeses, fine wines, and dedication to the preserving area traditions. Piedmont, reports Aldo Todini, enjoys a range of ecosystems which allows the area to produce some of the most varied and refined cuisine in Italy. Aldo Todini explains […]


Important Tax Return Questions

Read this before you prepare your own tax returns and you won’t have to panic. Preparing your own tax returns is not as difficult as some people might think. Below are some questions regarding tax preparation that will help individuals prepare and file their tax returns. Can I prepare my own tax returns? Anyone can […]


Dennis Dachtler Discusses Interest, Inflation, and the Deficit

Dennis Dachtler

Dennis Dachtler of Dachtler Wealth is a respected businessman and financial manager with more than three decades of experience in the business world. Over the years, he’s seen numerous changes in the industry, but none have been quite as dramatic as in recent years. Below, Dennis Dachtler answers some frequently asked questions about the current […]


Jeffrey Kale Flagg | Success and its Attainment

Jeffrey Kale Flagg

Nevada businessman Jeffrey Kale Flagg says that there are four equal and opposite measures of success. Have you ever noticed, asks Jeffrey Kale Flagg, that while everyone would like to be “successful,” few people can agree on what success means? Most people assume that everything will fit into place and we’ll be satisfied, successful – […]


Douglas Andrew Describes the Risk Return Paradigm

Douglas Andrew

Douglas Andrew has changed many lives through his Missed Fortune series of videos and books. In this series, Douglas Andrew stresses the LASER method of asset management, which emphasizes liquid assets safely earning returns. In his Risk Return Paradigm, Andrew puts sixteen different categories of investments to the test to illustrate the LASER principle. Starting […]