Choosing Super Foods For Dieting

It seems like every week, the media reports about a new and miraculous “super food” that will help people to lose weight. The reality is that most tried and true foods for dieting are the ones that have been around for a while – but may have been overlooked. In this brief article, the staff at Interviews and News answers reader’s questions about some of the tried and true super foods.

Q: What do you consider to be a “super food”?

A: Food with a superior nutritional content that helps promote weight loss.

Q: Which food would you recommend people eat for snacks?

A: Apples make excellent snacks. Not only are they high in fiber, they are also loaded with antioxidants. For people who have a sweet tooth, an apple cut into chunks and microwaved with a little cinnamon and allspice mimics the taste of having a slice of apple pie.

Q: What food do you think is the most versatile?

A: Without a doubt we would have to say that kale is the most versatile health and diet food around. It can go in soups, salads, stews and it can be sautéed with olive oil and red chili flakes for a delicious side dish. Also, with the addition of the red chili flakes, the kale picks up even more antioxidants than it already has. Kale is loaded with calcium and iron, so it really is an outstanding food.

Q: What other health benefits do chilies possess? 

A: Chilies contain an amazing compound called capsaicin, which has a termogenic effect on the body. That means that they cause the body to continue burning calories for twenty minutes after they’re eaten. Also, the capsaicin is an excellent compound for people who suffer from diabetes because it helps to lower the insulin amount needed by up to sixty percent after a meal.

Q: Are there any other “super foods” that I should incorporate into my diet?

A: To round out the list, we would have to say plain yogurt – particularly Greek yogurt – is a fantastic food. It has a lot of protein, and it can help stave off hunger for a long period of time. Adding fruit to the yogurt is another excellent way to boost its nutritional power – but don’t buy yogurt with fruit added because it usually contains high fructose corn syrup. That’s the opposite of a diet food, even when it says that it’s “light.”

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