GE Pro Elite Team Informs Consumers About Contaminants in Community Water Supplies

The knowledgeable leaders behind the GE Pro Elite water treatment system warn U.S. residents that drinking water may contain hidden contaminants. Organic and microbial contaminants are not always detectable by the consumer, cautions the GE Pro Elite team, in this interview with the staff of Interview and News. Below, a representative from GE Pro Elite discusses possible issues related to a home’s water supply.

Interviews and News: Hello! Thank you for being here with us today.

GE Pro Elite Team: The pleasure is all ours.

Interviews and News: With which contaminants should I be most concerned?

GE Pro Elite Team: Some of the most common waterborne contaminants include uranium, silver, selenium, radium, perchlorate, mercury, nitrites, nitrates, fluoride and lead.

Interviews and News: Any others?

GE Pro Elite Team: Other contaminants in a water supply may be cadmium, copper, chromium, chloramine, barium, arsenic, ammonia, aluminum, acidity, and iron and sulfur bacteria.

Interviews and News: How many contaminants are potentially found in my local community’s water supply?

GE Pro Elite Team: The Environmental Protection Agency has established a strict set of standards that surprisingly detail over 80 contaminants that could potentially be hiding in the water supply.

Interviews and News: Are there certain chemicals to be concerned about?

GE Pro Elite Team: Actually, yes. Chemicals such as pesticides, solvents and disinfection byproducts are dangerous when found in a water supply.

Interviews and News: What are the effects of these contaminants on the human body?

GE Pro Elite Team: Chemicals that are contained in certain fertilizers and pesticides have been reported to cause reproductive problems and increase the risk of cancer. Contaminated water may also result in impairment of kidney, liver and eye functions.

Interviews and News: Is contaminated water obvious to homeowners?

GE Pro Elite Team: Not always. But even if an individual cannot smell, taste or see the contaminants, there’s good news.

Interviews and News: What’s that?

GE Pro Elite Team: Resources are available today that can examine, detect and eventually treat these problems.

Interviews and News: How do you recommend people approaching this situation?

GE Pro Elite Team: The best strategy to find a local water professional or laboratory that has the expertise necessary for performing an in-depth water analysis.

Interviews and News: In your opinion, what is the most effective way to ensure premium water quality in my business or home?

GE Pro Elite Team: The GE Pro Elite has been proven to condition water and eliminate many of the hazards found in today’s water supply. If people are exposed to significant levels of contaminants over a long period of time, the results could be disastrous.

Interviews and News: This has been such useful information.

GE Pro Elite Team: We certainly hope it helps!

The GE Pro Elite Team offers support for homes throughout the United States by virtue of their relationships with certified dealers from coast to coast.

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